Valentino Bags are made using the same traditional, hands-on process that Mario Valentino pioneered during the twentieth century. The journey starts in Santa Croce, Italy, where each piece of leather is meticulously selected for quality, cleaned, and treated to create the signature finishes and textures that signify a Valentino Bag.

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Savage leather is baby soft and perfectly supple, the ultimate in luxury and comfort. Featured in our Signature and Diamond collections.


Dollaro leather retains the natural texture and grain of the leather to create chic and modern designs. Featured in our Classics collection.


Saffiano features a stiff and shiny leather finish that is refined, classic, and utterly elegant. Featured in our Classics Saffiano collection.


Suede is used generously a an accent to provide a soft, velvety finish. See it on dramatic display in our Cynthia bag.

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The precisely treated leather is then passed on to one of 150 artisans who hand-cut and stitch the leather to create each bag from start to finish. Each artisan is specialized in constructing just one or two styles, that they perfectly execute season after season. Only the best are allowed to create the final product.

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The passion and craftsmanship that Mario Valentino embodied can still be seen and felt in every stitch of every Valentino Bag. When you see the Mario Valentino “V,” you know it represents the finest leather techniques, craftsmanship, and design that have been refined and cherished over the last 60 years.

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